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Please watch for more info on our cows

Free Range Beef - Available Soon

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Pork has quickly become one of our best sellers.  This season we raised seven Tamworth pigs and we are very impressed with the Tamworth breed. They are a intelligent heritage breed whom produce premium tasting pork. Our customers are extremely happy with all the different cuts we have including: loin chops, ribs, roasts, hams, butt chops, and don’t forget our amazing smoked bacon that sells out really fast!

Our pigs are butchered at ‘Quinns Meat’ which is a government inspected abattoir. Sunnysides’ pork is available by order or there is a small amount at the farmgate in the freezer 24/7. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to order larger amounts (such as half a pig).

We were so impressed with the Tamworth breed that we decided to keep a sow and now we will have piglets available for purchasing in the spring!

Free Run Tamworth Pork

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Smoked BaconPer Lb$5.00
Loin ChopsPer Lb$3.50
Butt ChopsPer Lb$3.50
RoastPer Lb$3.00


Organic Free Run Chicken

We raised our chickens in “Chicken tractors” ( a movable 8ft by 8ft chicken cage ) therefore our chickens were able to dine on fresh grass daily,  kept extremely clean,  and the chickens could forage on new land every day.  We have great results with chicken tractors all the fresh stuff really improves the flavour of the meat.

We fed our chickens organic grain from Bernerland Organics.  Our chickens are very happy chickens with unlimited grain and lots of fresh water.

Our chickens are government inspected and cleaned at J.R. meats in Foxboro.

Organic whole chicken is available 24/7 honor system at our farm in the fridge on the front step. 

Free Run Chicken

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Organic Chickenper Lb$3.50

Laying Hens

Organic Free Run Eggs

We are so excited to be able to offer organic free run eggs.  We never stop hearing how great farm fresh eggs are.  Eggs are a huge hit and sell out fast.  We started out with 20 ready-to-lay Red Sex Link hens .  We soon realized that this was not even nearly enough.  Luckily we purchased 60 day old Barred Rocks in the middle of June.  Barred Rocks are a dual purpose bird.  So our plan was to harvest the roosters and save the hens for future layers.  We were hoping for mostly hens as eggs are so popular.  Unbelievable we ended up with 58 hens and 2 roosters.  So around the begining of November when our new birds start to lay we will have lots of eggs available.  The kids also hatched 10 Araucana eggs in a incubator in the spring.  What an exciting project for them.  Exciting for me too as the Araucana hens have amazing colored eggs.  Araucana hens are known as the easter egg hens.  So coming up soon we will have green eggs,  blue eggs,  pink eggs,  and who knows what beautiful colors.  We will see soon as the Araucanas should start laying soon.  They hens always produce the same color egg.

Our hens are always provided with clean fresh water.  They have an endless supply of grain from Homestead Organics.  Our hens are happy free run hens with plenty of space to move around.  They never pick on each other because the are so content with their lives.  The kids always pick them fresh grass and growing grains to offer them. 

Fresh Organic Brown Eggs

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Organic Eggsper dozen$3.50