Pork has quickly become one of our best sellers.  This season we raised seven Tamworth pigs and we are very impressed with the Tamworth breed. They are a intelligent heritage breed whom produce premium tasting pork. Our customers are extremely happy with all the different cuts we have including: loin chops, ribs, roasts, hams, butt chops, and don’t forget our amazing smoked bacon that sells out really fast!

Our pigs are butchered at ‘Quinns Meat’ which is a government inspected abattoir. Sunnysides’ pork is available by order or there is a small amount at the farmgate in the freezer 24/7. Please feel free to contact us by phone or email to order larger amounts (such as half a pig).

We were so impressed with the Tamworth breed that we decided to keep a sow and now we will have piglets available for purchasing in the spring!

Free Run Tamworth Pork

Read about our Pigs here.
Smoked BaconPer Lb$5.00
Loin ChopsPer Lb$3.50
Butt ChopsPer Lb$3.50
RoastPer Lb$3.00

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